Inspiring Reads Recommended by our Hoppers for National Read A Book Day:

"Think before you speak. Read before you think."- Fran Lebowitz

We all get it. When you feel stuck, uninspired and perhaps downright disheartened with your business and work life. 

Thankfully, the ability of books to inspire, comfort, make us think, and even change lives, extends beyond fiction.

To mark National Read A Book Day, we've asked some of our Hoppers from all industries to recommend their favourite books that have helped them along their business journey. From personal development, practical advice or just a spark to get the fire going again, here are some suggested additions for your library...

(And if you'd like to get some of these reads straight on your bookshelf, there's a chance to win a book bundle at the end of this post!)


The Organized Mind by David Levitin. It's brilliant on helping manage distraction and helping manage competing demands. I credit the advice in the book with helping me get through my masters. Currently with Gavin Wilson. Hoping it's changing his life too.


So many! But I’ve just reviewed Content Machine by Dan Norris for GoWrite magazine, and it’s amazing. It gives really practical advice (and ideas!) for producing high-quality content for your business. Would thoroughly recommend!


I just read the most amazing book Evolutionary Leadership by Peter Merry. It draws heavily on Prof. Clare Graves' ideas on how humans and social systems work, and has enabled me to look at these in a new and very integrated way.


As a rugby fan, the All Blacks hold a certain special place in my affections, and the way they've dominated world Rugby is very much akin to Kung Fu. Their attitude of being better than they were yesterday, leaving the shirt in a better place, rings true through my Kung Fu training and the way I try to run my business; striving for continuous improvement, learning from mistakes (not shying away from them) and leaving things in a better place than they were before.

As for the Brewdog story generally (not just the book), that is all about doing what you think is right, believing in yourself, and backing your intuition, despite what others might say, do or think. There are so many "experts" out there who all believe they know best. But actually, the only person who knows what's in your head, in your heart, and what you're trying to achieve, is you! So do it 100%, no apologies. That's what I take from the Brewdog story. 


The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. I listened to the audiobook version (the author isn't short on charisma!) and found it inspiring in that it encourages you to really focus on one thing that's meaningful, and be remarkable at it, but also covers very practical and real matters such as making a profit. It's a great balance of motivation and inspiration to get you reviewing your business with fresh enthusiasm, whilst offering very practical advice and examples on how to action these ideas.


We love this publisher, and have a selection of their books on hand at SpaceHoppers, for instant inspiration! My personal favourite, Do Fly by Gavin Strange, is a concise handbook for those times when you need a good ol' pep-talk. Gavin’s energy leaps off the page and the positivity is just the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing. A quick, practical read which can be completed in one sitting and afterwards you’ll be rearing to go. 


For the chance to receive some of these inspiring reads for your own bookcase, we're running a competition on our Facebook Page to win a three-book bundle of: The Organized Mind, Content Machine and Do Fly

Our top five cookery books to keep you inspired this summer.

Once a month we cook a wholesome meal for our co-working community - it's an opportunity for our Hoppers to take a break from their laptops, get away from the desk, sit with their fellow co-workers and enjoy (hopefully!) a meal that has been made with love and intention. 

We truly believe both at work and at home, that making the time to sit down to eat with others is essential for our wellbeing. Food is a wonderful way to break down barriers, it's a conversation starter, and a simple meal can really be the highlight of someone's day (it is ours!). 

Here, we share our top five cookery books that are keeping our minds inspired and our bellies full this summer. 

We've linked each book through to the author, but if you're local to Stroud, we recommend Stroud Bookshop & Yellow-Lighted Bookshop - both will do their utmost to track down any book for you. 

A modern way to cook

by Anna Jones

Full to the brim of simple and nutritious vegetarian meals. This book is organised by how long it takes to get a meal on the table, from 15 minutes through to slower, investment cooking. Anna shares tricks learnt in professional restaurants to help cook efficiently.  


Salad recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen, by Hetty McKinnon

This book celebrates sharing platters and redefines salads. Ditch the iceberg lettuce and fill your repertoire with big, hearty salads to plonk in the middle of the table for your guests to delve into and serve themselves. 



Recipes from the Middle East & beyond, by Sabrina Ghayour

Modern, simple suppers with a middle eastern influence. Flick through the pages of this book and you'll quickly want to share these vibrant and sumptuous recipes wiht your friends and family. 

Fresh India

by Meera Sodha

We're big fans of Meera Sodha, and her book Made in India is a staple on our shelves, but this vegetarian follow up is ideal for lighter summer meals. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of these recipes, they are truly delicious. Foolproof cooking, even for the novice amongst us. 

The Roasting Tin

Simply One Dish Dinners, by Rukmini Iyer

Recommended to us by one of our Hoppers, Marion, this book revolutionises one dish cooking. From meat to fish, pasta to grains, and fruit to chocolate - these are meals that maximise on ingredients and flavour and minimises fuss and washing up! Mid-week suppers the whole family can enjoy. 

Introducing Half-Days at SpaceHoppers


With the summer holidays approaching, as much as we adore our children, and as working parents ourselves, we appreciate that many of us still need to continue working when they're off from school.

To make things a little easier, SpaceHoppers are going to be trialing 'Hopper Half-Days' where every Friday you can come in and use the co-working space for a 5 hour block, for £9.50.

We hope this makes arranging childcare easier, as well as allowing you to find some quality, uninterrupted time to work on your own business and projects whilst still enjoying a shorter day to have more time to spend with your family.

To find out more and to make the most of this offer, please speak to Alice or Jo, or contact 

Important: To take advantage of the reduced price, we ask that you sign in and sign out of Cobot, our co-working management software, otherwise you will be charged at the standard day rate of £15.