We use a tool called Cobot to manage your membership, Day Passes and invoicing - it's also a great tool for you too! Here's how to get started:

1. When you join as a member, you will receive an email from us prompting you to create a password for your account.

2. Visit hoppers.spacehoppers.work (you can also get there by going to our Hoppers section on our website)

3. You'll come straight to the Dashboard - you'll be able to get to everything you need to access from here.

Here’s what you need to know:


WELCOME - you'll see a welcome message from us, with links to things like our Hopper Facebook page, our terms and conditions, health and safety documents and Sonos music system.

MESSAGES - saved here are any message we may have sent you about things like parking, Christmas opening hours etc.

Community Profile

This is a space where you can share with your fellow Hoppers a bit more about you, your work, skills and interests.

Click 'edit', complete the form, add an image of yourself, then 'save'. Also, be sure you set your profile to 'public'. Your information will be viewable in the 'community' section on the left hand column.

Time Passes

Here you can see how many time passes you have available left within your plan, as well as any additional passes you may have purchased.

When you arrive at your desk - 'check in'. This uses up one of your passes.

If you have run out of passes you can buy more. Click 'buy time passes', and you can choose how many you would like to purchase. These will be added to your next invoice.

Note that passes that are within your plan are automatically used up first - these do expire at the end of your invoiced month. However, any additional passes that you have purchased have no expiry and will be rolled over.

Your Plan

Once you click into this section, this is where all the information about your membership is, including your billing details and payment method. You can edit any of these by clicking 'edit' on the right-hand side of each section.

The easiest way for both you and us to manage your payment is to add a credit/debit card to your membership. This means that you will be invoiced and charged automatically each month.

Go to 'payment method', 'edit', then choose from the drop-down menu 'credit card'. Add and save your details here - you can update this at any time.

Your Invoices

Here you can see your next invoice, your past invoices and you can download them as PDF's for your files. Your invoices will be sent monthly by email too.


Check the calendar to see what's on, including Hopper lunches, social events, Christmas party or if there's a room hire booking that may affect you.

If you're in our Hoppers-Stroud Facebook group you'll be invited to all our lunches and social events, so make that your primary place to get event information.


- Check yourself in

- Update your community profile

- Add your payment method

And, that's it! If you'd like us to show you around or to help in changing or adding any information, please just ask.