Using the NEST Heating System

Too hot and we all fall asleep, too cold, and well no one likes to be cold!

So, here's a quick guide to the heating:



We have a NEST controller, which is a smart system connected to our heating. The controller is located in the upstairs quiet office on the shelves.


The Nest is set to be at a regular temperature from 8am until 4pm Monday to Friday. Most of the time, this should suffice and you should be able to work in a perfectly moderate temperature without the need to change anything.


However, on a particularly cold or hot day, you can make adjustments. Simply, turn the controller anti-clockwise to set the temperature cooler, or clockwise to set it warmer. This overrides the schedule that has been set for that day.

The controller itself is also the thermostat, so please don't unplug or move it.


If you are working on a Saturday, when you arrive, you'll just need to move the controller clock-wise and set it at the temperature you would like it at for the rest of the day.