SpaceHoppers is a flexible co-working hub in Stroud offering permanent and flexible desk space in a collaborative environment from £15 per month

We are located within a beautifully restored woollen mill, just a ten-minute walk from Stroud centre. (We fell in love with the place, and that's how it all started.)

Our aim is to create an environment for your business to thrive by providing inspiring work spaces, the opportunity for collaboration and skill sharing, and people to share your successes with.


"It helps me concentrate knowing I’m paying for space. The industrious atmosphere cheers you on, you feel less isolated, the people are lovely so mixing periods of intense
concentration and periods of light relief makes you more productive."

- Dana Fainaru (Screenwriter)


Everyone is welcome and we believe having Hoppers from all industries helps to create a vibrant working environment, and great opportunities for networking, sharing skillsets and getting a different perspective on what you're working on.

From designers who have dedicated desks, property managers, marketing consultants, accountants and even a tennis coach who grabs a seat to catch up on admin once a month!


“It's great to be back… I have already done more work in 3 days than I had in the 3 weeks prior.”

- Dave Ashdown (Dashing Bear Productions)


Then there's our monthly Hopper lunches when we all sit down to eat together, and from time to time we even throw a party for our Hoppers and their friends and families (where we've discovered some hidden culinary and musical talents amongst our co-workers)!

SpaceHoppers is more than just a co-working space: it's a community. You'll get plenty done, and you'll also have a lot of fun in the process. 

If this sounds how you'd like to work, get in touch and we'd love to say hello and show you round for a visit.


“I worked from home for 3 months and got more work done in a single day here at Spacehoppers than I did in those 3 months! Here I get to be focused on my work, I get stuff done. I am easily distracted, so this place is my haven of productivity. It pays for itself, many times over. Friendly atmosphere, surrounded by creative and inspirational people and held together by Alice, Vix and Jo who have created more than just a place to work from, they have created a community I am grateful to be a part of.”

- Gavin Bloom (the Groundwork)

SpaceHoppers HQ

visit us

New Mills,
Libbys Drive,
Stroud GL5 1RN



01453 493053


Office Hours

Mon - Sat: 7am–7pm
Sun: Closed