our story


Hey, we're alice & vix...

And we’re two mums from Stroud.

SpaceHoppers started with a space. A space in a beautifully restored woollen mill just off Slad Road. We knew we had to have it, and we knew that we had to share it, and well, a few more conversations down the line and SpaceHoppers was born.

Winter evenings in 2014 consisted of putting our babes to bed, rushing over to the empty mill, eating our supper on the floor and chalking out where we imagined people would work. A few evenings in, and we knew it would work. We raided our savings, begged, borrowed and stole from friends and family (you know who you are) and managed to create our co-working space. A space with style, warmth and character. A space where collaborations would happen, ideas could blossom and friendships would form. A space that would give people confidence, encouragement and support.

Two years in, and we continue to make sure we do everything we can to create an environment for businesses to thrive, an inspiring work space, the opportunity for skill sharing, and a community to share your successes with.

We meet and get to know every single person who walks through our door, and we genuinely give a shit about our ‘Hoppers’. We know the names of their children, when their pets die, where they went on holiday, why they’re pissed off with a supplier, why they need an extra strong coffee this morning, when they get a new client, or make a new connection. We know, because we care, and because, although SpaceHoppers started with a ‘space’, it’s not actually about the space. It’s about the people.

Come, get to know us, get to know our Hoppers. Have a coffee and a Tunnock’s tea cake and you’ll soon figure out if you’re a Hopper or not!